Bughouse #10

Bughouse #10

Steve Lafler, Steve Lafler


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Bones the bass player for the BugHouse jazz band flees indictment and heads to Mexico. In Mexico, he becomes bewitched by a sultry young bruja who also happens to sing R&B like a true diva. Jimmy Watts, genius tenor sax man for BugHouse, had his run-ins with the mob in his drug addict days. He's clean now, but Johnny Muggles, a dealer who Jimmy crossed, wants revenge! Muggles frames Bones, who is left to untangle the mess. Set in a 'bug noir' Manhattan of the nineteen-fifties, Bughouse weaves the story of an ensemble of characters who are essentially human beings with bug-like features, as they dance on the edge of the abyss. Steve Lafler brings alive a lost era of jazz and drugs that evokes a range of emotions and experience rarely seen in comic books.