50 Years of Materials Science in Singapore

50 Years of Materials Science in Singapore

Freddy Boey, B V R Chowdari, Subbu S Venkatraman


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50 Years of Materials Science in Singapore describes in vivid detail how a newly independent nation like Singapore developed world-class research capabilities in materials science that helped the country make rapid progress in energy, biomedical and electronics sectors. The economy mirrored this rapid trail of progress, utilizing home-grown technology and the contribution of materials science to the various sectors is undeniable in ensuring the economic growth and stability of Singapore.

  • Historical Narrative Early Beginnings to Present (Freddy Boey)
  • Composites, Nanocomposites and Hybrid Materials (Chaobin He, Xiao Hu, Zhang Yu and John Wang)
  • Materials for Water Remediation (Membranes) (Sui Zhang, Lin Luo, Zhi Wei Thong and Tai-Shung Chung)
  • Nanostructured Catalytic and Adsorbent Materials for Water Remediation (Zhong Chen and Teik Thye Lim)
  • Solar Energy and Energy Storage Materials and Devices Research in Singapore (D Sabba, J Wang, M Srinivasan, A G Aberle and S Mhaisalkar )
  • 50 Years of Biomaterials Research in Singapore (Subbu Venkatraman, Swee Hin Teoh and Ali Miserez)
  • 2D Materials (Andrew T S Wee, Kian Ping Loh and Antonio H Castro Neto)
  • Electronic Materials Research in Singapore (Chee Ying Khoo, Pooi See Lee, Sze Ter Lim and Chee Lip Gan)
  • "Singaporean" Materials Science: What Does the Future Hold? (Subbu Venkatraman)

Readership: General public, people interested in history of Singapore, people interested in materials science.
Key Features:
  • Covers the 50 year history of materials science in Singapore
  • Shows how Singapore leads the world in the field of materials science
  • Projects the future of materials science in Singapore